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Membership in the NAACP is not only a privilege but also a responsibility for those who value Freedom, Justice and Equality. The members of our grand organization represent the backbone and lifeline which fuels our National Organization to be able to stand in the halls of Congress and seat at the tables of Fortune 500 companies both here and abroad.

Freedom is not Free! It has come as a result of the blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers and foremothers. It has come as a result of the sacrifices of the young and the old. Freedom and the strides we’ve made to attain it, is being threatened everyday by those who believe that in order for one person to be free and experience a better quality of life, someone else has to lose their freedoms and quality of life. This concept is far from the truth. The sum gain of freedom is that all of us benefit is a positive and productive future.

So join me in investing in the Nation’s oldest, most feared, most revered, most respected, Civil Rights organizations, the NAACP as we celebrate our 100th Anniversary!
“Power concedes nothing without demand”.

 Membership Fees:

  •  Adult Annual $30.00 (includes a 1-year subscription to the Crisis Magazine)
  •  Youth Annual $15.00 (includes a 1-year subscription to the Crisis Magazine)
  •  Youth Annual $10.00 (without Crisis Magazine subscription)
  • Silver Life $750.00 (Payable in annual installments of $75 or more; includes a 10-year subscription to Crisis Magazine)

Address: Mail Payment

    Ogden Branch NAACP
    P.O. Box 1581
    Ogden, Utah 84402


        801.678.7640 (Mobile)

 Email Address