Branch Organization/Executive Committees

 Ogden Branch  Officers 2014

  • Rev. Stanley Ellington, President
  • Ms. Betty Sawyer, 1st Vice President
  • Ms. Willa Kemp, 2nd Vice President
  • Dr. Freddie Cooper, Treasurer
  • Ms. Delores Bey, Secretary

Ogden Branch NAACP Life Membership

  • Rev. William Beard
  • Mrs. Geraldine Beard
  • Mr. Willie Z. Brock*
  • Dr. Freddie Copper
  • Mr. Ulysses Cooper
  • Ms. Daisy L. Eason
  • Mrs. Bettye B. Gillespie
  • Mrs. Betty Massey
  • Mr. H. C. Massey
  • Ms. Sandra McIntosh
  • Mrs. Sue A. McIntosh*
  • Mr.  Michael Paskewicz
  • Mr. Gerod A. Sawyer
  • Mrs. Betty O. Sawyer

Past Presidents of Ogden Branch NAACP

  • Mrs. Ruby Timms Price
  • Mrs Sadie Lauden*
  • Mr. Frank Satterwhite
  • Mr. Marshall N. White*
  • Mr. James H. Gillespie*
  • Mrs. Betty Sawyer
  • Mr. H. C. Massey
  • Mr. Stanley Ellington
  • Deceased*

 Standing Committees:

Armed Service & Veterans’ Affairs, Communications, Community Coordination, Economic Development, Education, Finance, Freedom Fund, Health, Housing, Labor and Industry, Legal Redress, Memberships, Political Action, Press and Publicity, Prison, Religious Affairs, Youth Work.

Learn more about NAACP Ogden Branch and our devoted committee when you call
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(801) 678-7640 in Ogden, Utah.